Lesley Harrison Paintings
! Through our Blog, we hope to share information about the world famous pastel artist, Lesley Harrison. We will be including:

  • Previews of Upcoming Prints.
  • Helpful Hints from Lesley Harrison.
  • Original Paintings.
  • Artist’s Musings.
  • Upcoming Events and Announcements.
  • Stories Behind the Paintings.

Lesley will be checking her Blog on a regular basis. So, you may just get a response/comment from Lesley herself! We encourage you to make comments to our posts as we LOVE hearing from everyone! THANKS for visiting!

Many of the beautiful limited edition paintings displayed throughout this Blog are available for purchase in paper or canvas. Visit our website at: www.harrison-keller.com for additional information.

To contact Lesley Harrison:

Mailing Address
Harrison Keller Fine Art and Gifts
PO Box 7, Sutter Creek, CA 95685

Inquiries about Workshops, Licensing, Original Art & Commissioned pieces: 209-419-3122

Email: info@harrison-keller.com

6 Responses to About/Contact

  1. Christopher Kellams says:

    Is there any way I could obtain a larger size? “Girl Kissing Horse Kiss With Scripture”
    It say’s Love Is Patient, Love Is Kind.

    Thank You,

  2. Cherin Harris-Tuck says:

    Leslie, I am very impressed with your work and would like to inquire abut the Step by Step lessons. It is a super idea. I am interested in dogs or wild animals but would not say no to a horse!

  3. Cathy Howie says:

    Just wondering if the Step by Step subscriptions are available now. Recently purchased some paper from Janet Thatcher in Australia and can not wait to have a go. I would like to have as much instructions and knowledge on how to use the velour paper before starting. As Janet is the only artist in Australia who uses the paper regularly and unfortunately we live to far away from each other to attend her classes.


  4. Cathy,

    Yes they are available and two of them have already been sent out to subscribers. Since you are in Australia you will probably want to subscribe online at my website: http://www.harrison-keller.com If you need any help with that, just let me know or you can email Terri Meador, who administers the Step-By-Steps at tmeador@flash.net . I think she just told me that we have subscribers from 13 different countries so I’m thrilled that there’s a way to help people that can’t travel to one of my workshops.

    You are going to LOOOOOVE the paper and the process. Tell Janet “hi” for me and have fun!

  5. Cherin,

    What a great way to spell your name! Yes, if you read the reply above to Cathy, that will hopefully answer your question too. So far we have done a horse for September and in November it was a dog and January 1st…………………..is a surprise! But I can guarantee you’ll love it. 🙂

    Getting wonderful feedback from all over the world, fun!!

  6. Christopher,

    I’m thinking that you called and talked to Terri Meador already, who handles the mail order and I believe is in the process of having new posters created!

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