Leopard In A Tree

Leopard In A Tree
Vignettes are just fun.  The art of a vignette is knowing when to stop the painting!

Image: “Leopard in a Tree” – Pastel Painting by Lesley Harrison

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13 Responses to Leopard In A Tree

  1. kathie Bowtell says:

    WOW.Just magnificent.I would like to post a challenge (maybe not for you) I was recently asked why I dont paint Australian wildlife so I had a shot at painting a koala.The fur was so hard to get a likeness.I have put it away in the too hard basket for now.What has been your hardest callenge and have you mastered a koala.

  2. Shalese Sands says:

    This is kind of a stupid question, but what exactly is a vignette?

  3. mary says:

    Hi from Oz:
    Your “Leopard in a Tree” is in the “Oh WOW” league. I just love that you take time for your “In the Works” page. Thanks Lesley,for making pastels look easy and sharing your passion with such a uplifting,well maintained site.

    p.s. come down under for a visit,and bring those pastels…..

  4. Kathie,

    You are wise to be aware of your skill level right now but it also helps to always stretch ourselves as artists.

    I don’t have any issues with a koala myself, but then, I’ve been painting animals almost every day now for more years than you have been on the planet!

    People are the toughest thing for me. I love doing them with animals because of the relationship and the emotion between the two.

    So, whenever you see a painting I’ve done of children or adults with an animal……know I was petrified the whole time!! But I push myself to do them so I can keep growing.

  5. Shalese,

    A vignette is a painting that is not finished “edge-to-edge.”

    Or for a more technical description, “a vignette is a drawing that is shaded off gradually at the edges so as to leave no definite line at the border.”

    Very artsy…I’ve always loved them, no one mistakes them for a photograph when you have an artist that is very detailed.

  6. Mary,

    First of all, I would love to visit Australia since I enjoy traveling soooooo much. Maybe a workshop over your way someday. 🙂 That way I’d have to bring my pastels!!

    My husband and I love to cruise a lot and I’ve been thinking New Zealand and Australia…………hmmmmmmmm

    Part of the art of doing anything well is making the process look easy. And in all fairness, most things become easier the more we do them. The “muscle memory” starts kicking in somewhere along the way!

    Glad you’re enjoying the site…….I am too! Thanks for making it even better by contributing with your comments and personality.

  7. Kathie Bowtell says:

    Im so glad an artist of your level still has fear, it gives me hope 🙂 I love the challenge and I can slowly see improvement creeping in. Thankyou again for sharing your knowledge and please do more people and animal images. I love your little girl images with the horses as it reminds me of my wonderful ‘imaginary friends’ of my childhood. It funny how as an adult I cant find a good looking mop or broom to ride around the house.

  8. Kathie,

    I know what you mean! They were so beautiful in our childhood minds…….and they could run so fast!

    And as far as painting, the fear and challenge never leave…but then that’s what keeps it interesting. 🙂

  9. Kathy Halcomb says:

    Lesley – this took me right back to Africa. Love how you brought the leopard back to me. Beautiful, girlfriend!

  10. Thank you Kathy! I’ve never been to Africa, maybe next time. 🙂

  11. Pat Nadarajah says:

    I love big cats! I find it vignettes interesting, leaving part of the painting undone and open to the viewer’s imagination. Great eyes on this big guy, they really bring you into the painting.


  12. Pat,

    Eyes are everything, aren’t they? Well, almost everything!

  13. I love vignettes too…….no fun if everything is always spelled out for everyone!

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