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Winter Nap

From Lesley’s Webmaster This is another one of my favorites (I have so many favorites!!). The sleeping fox on the right is so darling and I LOVE the eyes of the fox on the left. This painting is absolutely irresistible! … Continue reading

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Excerpt taken from Lesley’s comments to a previous post. …I’m starting to think the ability to capture emotion comes from years and years of being finely tuned to it. After a while, it’s just what I am drawn to…what I … Continue reading

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Wolf Play

(Image on left is photo of Lesley with some friends.) One thing wolves are very good at is playing. The Omega wolf in any pack is actually “in charge” of coming up with new games – a┬ápiece of loose ice … Continue reading

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Many Moons

Those of you who are familiar with my book will recognize this guy. This image is so highly emotional for me. Every time I even look at it, I feel so tugged by huge emotion. I’m not sure if it’s … Continue reading

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In general, I’m not wild about painting birds. I think it’s because I really enjoy animals that I can touch, mostly..I like animals I can hug ! Unless their teeth are too big, then I am content to stick with … Continue reading

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The Romantic

It’s so hard to believe, when I look at this painting, what this stallion looked like the first time I saw him. I was visiting my girlfriend in Texas. She raises and breeds some gorgeous Andausians. But as I drove … Continue reading

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