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Even More Pastel Making

So, Meli. I’m getting around to answering your question now. You asked if our home made pastels were “smooth or lumpy”… they are. I’ll let you judge for yourself. Be careful what you say because the ugliest ones are MINE!!!! … Continue reading

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“A Tender Moment” By Nancy Conant

Nancy says: “This is Marilyn nuzzling newborn daughter Akili at the Memphis Zoo, moments after birth. Did you know that the birth of a giraffe includes a 18′ drop to the earth for baby? Hello! Then just after the baby … Continue reading

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A Question From Fred

From Erin: Thanks for your patience during my absence and thanks to Mary for babysitting the Blog while I’ve been away. We have another photo from Lesley to feature as well as a beautful new drawing from Shalese. So stay … Continue reading

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The Wave

Dori: I am sorry it’s taken so long to answer your questions about how to paint a chestnut horse. In looking for old paintings of chestnuts I realized that I don’t paint chestnuts too often! Here is one that is … Continue reading

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Velour Paper

People ask all the time about the velour paper that I use. It’s a good question because the “ground” one uses with pastel totally changes the effect of the medium. These days I buy my velour at New York City … Continue reading

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Holiday Wish List

From Lesley’s Webmaster: We all love our significant others, friends, and family but let’s face it, sometimes they need a little help when it comes to gift giving! Well, we’ve helped solve that problem and if your loved onesĀ are a … Continue reading

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