Your Suggestions Please!

Lesley and I would like to make this Blog “all that it can be”.  We’ll be updating the Word Press theme sometime this winter (wider space, up-to-date utilities, etc). In addition,  we’d like you all to tell us content you’d like to see AND contribute (in addition to art work and pastels).

We know that the Blog can become so much more but we need your input! Looking forward to hearing everyone’s ideas!

TO CLARIFY:  By suggestions, we do not mean technical advice. Also, the new blog will be wider and will allow for larger images (hooray)!

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10 Responses to Your Suggestions Please!

  1. Stephanie says:


    Then I’d love to see more detailed WIPs with Lesley’s explanations. Those are so helpful (and nice to look at with focus on details one wouldn’t notice otherwise).

    A challenge-picture/photo once in a while for all to paint and upload here would also be nice! I like to see the different workshop-outputs and something like this would be a variant for all those reading the blog to participate in….

  2. Mary says:

    Well….I agree with Stephanie. I really get so much out of the WIP’s and I think posting a picture that we all can paint and post our renditions is also a great idea. We are all wanting to experience growth and maybe that would help. I, personally, love being able to share some of my work and have the input from other artists.

    I hope all of you had a wonderful holiday!

  3. Rita Ria says:

    A very similar idea from me:
    I like to watch a painting progress (they speed it up) just to see how it develops.
    Some hints and tips.
    Some explanations, HOW and WHY Lesley is doing something (f.e. like the background color)

  4. I’m listening…………..thank you!

  5. I love having projects, so I would also enjoy the idea of posting a picture that we could all paint. It would be fun also to see all the different renditions of the paintings.

  6. Jacky Wijnbergen says:

    I agree with all of the above.
    I love WIP`s, please show us lots of them. And the photo challenge is also a great idea.
    Maybe there is also room for a collection of reference photo’s that everyone can place and use.

  7. Shalese Sands says:

    First of all, I LOVE the other ideas already posted here–they all sound very fun! I would also like to know the process and materials you use to mount your velour paper? I guess I don’t know that much about the preparation aspect of velour paper before and after the painting is completed, so I think that would be very beneficial to know and understand. 🙂

  8. Shalese,

    I have my velour dry mounted (by a photography studio)onto 2 ply rag board. But you can also buy it already mounted.

    I use 2 ply so that it can be cut to size with scissors. The board is not so thick as to make this impossible. These days I usually paint on a full sheet of paper and then cut it down after I finish the painting to make sure I haven’t paintd to close to the edges. A bad habit I have!

  9. Angie Little says:

    Oh, what a treasure Lesley’s art is in my home. I only wish you had more of her prints shown here… no matter how small they are. ICY WHISKERS and WHERE SUCH MAJESTY aren’t on this blog, or can’t be found with the search tool. Icy Whiskers is soooooo beautiful, and it can’t be seen anywhere on the net. I have worn out my Google looking.

    I commented on one of the blog posts here about an art dealer leaving town with a bunch of my paid-for art work… including Berries, Berries, Berries and some Bev Doolittle prints, and one called Arctic Cliffs… the artist’s name escapes me now. WHAT A BLESSING to see a little version of Berries, Berries, Berries here on this site. We never got to frame it… as we had left it in a drawer at the dealer to be framed later.

    Thanks for this site. I hope we have many, many years of Lesley’s art. And I hope she does more BIG CATS in the future. She is blessed with such talent!

    Angie Little

  10. Angie Little says:

    P.S. I wish I had a commentary by Lesley on all of my prints.

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