This is a sample of the demo subscription I am currently working on. This is in lieu of a new book on how I paint, at least for now until I find more time in my days. Sooooo many of you keep asking for another book but, maybe this will be even better! These Step-by-Step demos of new paintings (that no one has seen the finished ….!) will be emailed to your inbox once every other month for a year. They will come in a printable, hi res PDF form and you can then print them out or simply use them off of your monitor, laptop, iPad… whatever works the best for you.

Six times a year, every other month, you will receive a new painting of a new subject with in depth instructions of around 15-20 steps. You probably remember that my books have been limited to about 4-5 steps. A lot gets missed in between! Not only that, but because I will have no editor (watch out!!!) I can also tell you brand names, where to buy things and extra hints I have incorporated into my paintings over the years.

My responsibility is to paint the paintings and write out the in depth instructions.
Yours is to be willing to obligate yourselves to a commitment of a one year subscription.
Each Step-by-Step demo of a different painting will be priced at $20.00. You can call in and leave a credit card on file so that every other month it is debited for a total of $20 or you can pay the full amount of $120 in advance.

Here is your contact person: Terri Meador at 940-383-3571 or you can email her at: Terri is a dear friend, handles all of my mail order and owns many of the gorgeous Andalusian horses that I have painted over the years such as The Romantic. You will fall in love with her too.

Annnnd, give us a couple of weeks and it will also be set up on my website with the shopping cart so that you can subscribe there also. Make sure to write or call one of us if I’ve forgotten anything important for right now or if you have any questions.

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  1. Debby says:

    Wonderful idea! Can’t wait to start!

  2. Oh!!!!! I am so looking forward to this! Thank you, Lesley, for sharing your knowledge with us… You are a blessing!!! So excited to learn more.

  3. I’m so happy to hear all of the excited people! We are getting sign ups from all over the world………! It should be in your inbox the first week of September and then another one the first week of November and so on. 🙂

  4. Nancy Cuevas says:

    Awesome idea! Can’t wait. Really looking forward to this! : )

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