TheRedLeash“The Red Leash” is a classic example of why I teach how to pant backgrounds these days. They help tell the story and set off the subject.

This wall and the old iron ring this sweet dog is tied to are in Siena, Italy. That city came into being somewhere between 900-400 B.C. Siena was one of the “hill fort” cities in Tuscany and is a major tourist attraction now. And that wall could be thousands of years old! And what fun it has been to paint! And as you can see, I haven’t really even started on the dog yet. Well, I couldn’t help myself! I DID play with his eyes and nose…!

Also… check back soon for an announcement regarding the new SUBSCRIPTIONS that I will be offering. The first issue is almost ready to release. 🙂 Details to come.

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  1. Love this!!! I had to chuckle….I also go for the eyes first. Can’t help myself! Can’t wait to see the final painting!

  2. Mary, you are such a sweetheart to write and comment on all my social media thingy’s AND my blog! to me the fun of it all is the interaction with other creative people, so thank you!

    And yes, the eyes have it! It feels a little sinful to do them first, sort of like eating dessert first!!

  3. Lesley… you can have your cake at the beginning and then your dessert at the end. I do the eyes quickly at first so my painting looks alive… and then redo them with all the extra details last. So you can have both! 🙂

  4. Good idea Marianne!!

  5. Just received my first subscription – it is marvelous – what a great idea. For so long I wanted to come west to attend one of your workshops but it always seemed time or animals got in the way, now I have my very first lesson with you. Thank you.

  6. You are so welcome Margaret. I was hoping this would help cover time and distance!

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