"Snoopy" 9x12 oil on panel by Guest Artist Nancy Cuevas

“Snoopy” 9×12 oil on panel by Guest Artist Nancy Cuevas

It’s been awhile since we have posted… it goes without saying that Lesley and I have both been overwhelmed with work. Until Lesley has a chance to send something current to the blog… let’s take a look at a new Guest Artist… Nancy Cuevas. The painting Nancy is sharing with us is actually done in oil, and here’s what she has to say.  –Marianne

“Lesley’s first book, Painting Animals That Touch The Heart has inspired me to go with my heart in painting animals. I have never seen another artist capture their souls like she does. I started with pastels and eventually transitioned to oils. Leslie’s book helped me see how fur layers develop which translates to oils really well. Thank you for sharing your wonderful talent and love of animals”

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  1. Nancy, I asked Marianne to tell you how spectacular your work is but since I’m on here, I’ll tell you myself!:-)

  2. Nancy Cuevas says:

    Thank you Lesley! Coming from you that means so much! You have been such an inspiration. Thank you for sharing your wonderful gift. You are amazing!!

  3. Janet Thatcher says:

    Beautiful! I really love the lighting. Really impressed this is in oils and that’s interesting what you say about how you can use skills from pastels and translate them into oils.

  4. Nancy Cuevas says:

    Thanks Janet! Yes, oils layer just like pastels when glazing. I was originally a pastel artists when I came across Lesley’s book. This was over 10 years ago. I was and am so impressed by her ability to capture the animals soul and break up the process in her book. I have used her book to show my students how fur is layered with dark and mid tones first, then the lights. They are always going for the lights way to early. ; )

  5. Nancy…This painting is wonderful. You have captured such a wistful look in the dogs eye. That is the window to the soul, and you have captured it well!

  6. Terri Meador says:

    Nancy, I almost never look in at Lesley’s blog, but did this morning and just blown away by your painting! Simply stunning. I could look at this dog/your painting all day!

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