Job Perks!!!!!

You know, one of the gifts that comes from years on the road with the art, is
the people you meet. This is at a big horse show in S. California, a few months

Not only did Bill (vendor of Spanish Saddlery) let me sit on his saddle
display, he handed me a whip and some reins when I started “riding” his
horse-on-wheels around by “scooting” it along the sidewalk!!!

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5 Responses to Job Perks!!!!!

  1. LeAnn says:

    What she doesn’t tell all of you is that it was my job as her assistant to attach a lead rope to her horse on wheels and PULL her around!!!!!

  2. Nice horse Lesley. A little skinny… and transparent. We should have a heart to heart someday!!!

    And LeAnn… should we be worried??? 🙂

  3. Mary says:

    Looks like fun to me!! ….but maybe not for LeAnn!

  4. Shalese Sands says:

    Hahaha, job perks indeed! That looks like fun. How fast were you able to gallop, Lesley? 😉

  5. Well at least it doesn’t cost much to feed him! And he did try to buck me off! 🙂 Somehow he got to jumping backwards and we almost fell off the pavement into the dirt. That wouldn’t have been pretty!

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