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Guest Artist David Wright

A painting I thought I would never do. When I began painting I envisioned painting the elusive big game animals I enjoyed while camping throughout the Rocky Mountains. It wasn’t long, however, before I started getting requests form friends family … Continue reading

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Note From Lesley

I was just talking about this recently with someone, so if it was with you guys please forgive me because I’m going to talk about it again. 🙂 I was writing about how so many artists don’t like to do … Continue reading

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Job Perks!!!!!

You know, one of the gifts that comes from years on the road with the art, is the people you meet. This is at a big horse show in S. California, a few months back. Not only did Bill (vendor … Continue reading

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Mini Merle After A Bath

Do you all remember when we took those 4 abandoned kittens to my studio to take care of? This is mini-Merle (he looked just like one of my cats at home named Merle:-)… Those four kittens were so covered with … Continue reading

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What Colette Is Working On

I have been reading Harry’s works in progress with great interest since I began following the blog last month or so. Ever since I purchased my copy of “Painting Animals That Touch The Heart”, I’ve been hooked on pastels and … Continue reading

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