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No News Yet

Hello Everyone: To bring everyone up to date (who didn’t read this comment in a previous post) Lesley’s husband, John, had an operation on Monday. I have only heard briefly from Lesley today (Wednesday). When we learn more, I will … Continue reading

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Ian’s Great Progress

A few months ago, Ian Turner (frequent visitor to our Blog) was featured as a Guest Artist. Lesley wanted everyone to see Ian’s great progress with pastels. Here are some of her comments: ” Oh, Ian! I think that you’re … Continue reading

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Vote For Lesley’s New Book Topic

What type of book would you most want me to write first?? 1.  A book on “The Business of Art” 2.  A Coffee Table Book of my paintings and stories about the animals and/or process of creating the painting? And…if … Continue reading

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Squirrel At Estes Park

OK, can all of you keep a secret? This is a painting that I just finished as a surprise for my brother. I rarely do things like this (give paintings away) but, despite the bad time I give him all … Continue reading

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An FYI On Blog Comments

From Lesley’s Webmaster: This is not directed at our “regulars” who always contribute fun and positive things to this Blog. Keep your comments coming – we love them! This is directed at the few inconsiderate, mean-spirited people who attempt to make rude … Continue reading

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Help Name This Painting!

Here’s the finished painting of the three horses – the one that I’ve been working on the concept and painting now for MONTHS! The painting part was a piece of cake compared to the designing of it. Hope you all … Continue reading

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