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July 2014
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It seems I made a promise to post the images from the June 2014 horse workshop… and I never followed through. I’m clinging to the ol’ adage “better late then never”… which, for those who know me, seems to be one of my idosyncrasies. So here are the horses that we came up with during our three days with Lesley. It was an awesome workshop with a fun group of people. We loved our subject and I think it shows with all the beautiful Andalusian faces shown here. And as always… Lesley ROCKED THE HOUSE!! What a wonderful gift she is giving to us, her students, as she passes on her secrets of painting masterpieces.

Recently many of us gathered together again to listen to Lesley talk about the business of art. It was a one day workshop and what a grand day it was. Lesley has so much experience to share with her students regarding what has worked for her… and what hasn’t. She is currently offering one on one business workshops where for one day you can discuss your art marketing/business concerns and find out how she went about becoming an international success. Contact Lesley for more information.  –Marianne

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Background class is well underway and was sold out months ago. First day we worked on a sky, trees and a meadow of yellow (probably mustard) flowers! Lots of fun things to practice with those three things going on!

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Flowers 2_8301

Okay, I’m hoping to spark some “discussions” with some quotes or thoughts I’m going to post. And no worries, we will still put lots of artwork up, but I’m thinking the emotional and intellectual support might be nice for all of us too. Painting can be a very lonely sport!! So if you read something and it triggers something inside of you, please, please write and tell us what you think.

Here we go! this is the first one:

“Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors where there were only walls.”   – Joseph Campbell

I’ll comment first (and let’s try to keep this mostly art related, please). Most of us have heard those words “Follow Your Bliss” by now. But did you know that they originated with Joseph Campbell? He was a writer and lecturer and those 3 words are probably what he is most known for. But I have a lot more quotes by him because I’ve spent lots of time reading his books. Lots more wonderful things to share with you from his brilliant mind.

The older I get, the more I believe these words because I’ve seen them come true, over and over again. In fact, at this time in my life, after losing my husband, business partner, best friend and love of my life, I’m so very curious to see what doors are going to open next and where they will lead. It’s very exciting to know that if I just keep pursing my passion (by painting) and looking, a new exciting opportunity (always better than anything I could think of myself) will come along. I just have to keep picking up the stones and peeking under them, asking myself: “Is it here? Is this the path? Which door is going to open next?”


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Here’s the demo from the last horse workshop that I’m continuing to work on! I thought it would be fun to put a couple more horses with him, thinking a white stallion and maybe a palomino. Sounds kind of pretty to me! This guy’s just barely laid in, so he’s still in his ugly stage. :-)

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Thank you Leslie, Janis and Kim.  :-) It’s been kind of a bumpy road for five or six years now and I guess it’s just taken me a while to get going again. Having the support and encouragement of friends like you, helps a lot. :-)

It was so good for me to look at my artwork from another viewpoint, from all of yours, and realize how important it is for me to paint to make other people happy. That was why I started doing it years ago and that’s what is resuscitating it now. So thank you, thank you! The friendship and the art are such a gift.

And here is the finished kitty! I hope you like him.

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Cats and horses are both really tough to get “right” as an artist. Anybody out there feel the same way? Cats faces have so much going on, hair going different directions, etc and I see very few artists that really nail them. Although there are some people that do an EXCEPTIONAL job. Do any of you know of Suellen Ross’ work?

Year ago I was in a gallery in Washington and I almost bought one of her originals… ahhhhhhh, how I wish I had!


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