"Snoopy" 9x12 oil on panel by Guest Artist Nancy Cuevas

“Snoopy” 9×12 oil on panel by Guest Artist Nancy Cuevas

It’s been awhile since we have posted… it goes without saying that Lesley and I have both been overwhelmed with work. Until Lesley has a chance to send something current to the blog… let’s take a look at a new Guest Artist… Nancy Cuevas. The painting Nancy is sharing with us is actually done in oil, and here’s what she has to say.  –Marianne

“Lesley’s first book, Painting Animals That Touch The Heart has inspired me to go with my heart in painting animals. I have never seen another artist capture their souls like she does. I started with pastels and eventually transitioned to oils. Leslie’s book helped me see how fur layers develop which translates to oils really well. Thank you for sharing your wonderful talent and love of animals”

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HomePaintingI’m home, yay! And it feels so good to be starting a new painting!

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VirginaZEBRAKay Witt sent me a few photos to share from this last weekend. Lesley stopped in Virginia on her way home from Italy to teach a workshop at Kay’s studio. The subject was a zebra… and here are a few images to get an idea of what they did. I think Lesley will be coming home soon… and will have a few stories to share about her travels these last couple of months.  — Marianne

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VeniceUpdateThose of you who are not on Facebook may have been wondering where the heck Lesley has been! Well… she’s been in Italy. In April she gave a 3 day workshop in painting a horse that included a 3 day tour in Tuscany. The painting shown is what they created during that workshop. She then toured a few different places in Italy… I’ll wait until she gets home and tells you all about it. Lesley took the photo shown in Venice.

Before she comes home she’ll be making a stop in Strasburg, Virginia to our friend Kay Witt’s studio to give another 3 day workshop. They will be painting a zebra on May 15th – 17th. Kay tells me the group will be around 14… so I’m sure they’re going to have a great time. Maybe we can get Kay to post an update on the workshop as it evolves.

So… why has the blog been so quiet while Lesley has been gone. Because she’s such a great mentor that I have been super busy with my own art! Things are happening as a result of the workshops I’ve taken and the time Lesley has spent with me to help me find my way in the art world, that I’m having to fasten my seat belt a bit tighter to enjoy the ride. And what a great ride it’s been. But I’m going to slow down a bit now and start paying closer attention to Lesley’s blog site, because there’s so much to share. So until she returns… happy painting!!  — Marianne

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Unfortunately… Lesley has developed another cold. As a result, we are cancelling the painting party for January 24th. Stay tuned for another date. And Lesley… you get back in bed and take care of yourself. Get better quickly and once and for all!!

MARK YOUR CALENDARS… Lesley is scheduling another fun filled Saturday Painting Party on January 24th from 10am to 3pm. These painting parties are for anyone who has attended one of Lesley’s workshops. We get together at Lesley’s studio and just work on whatever project we want while Lesley works on her own project. We talk, visit, play, gossip, listen to music, watch Lesley paint, watch each other paint… whatever strikes our mood. So if you have been at a Lesley Harrison workshop and would like to join us please contact Lesley and let her know.

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"At Rest" by Janet Thatcher

“At Rest” by Janet Thatcher

I thought it was high time we have a guest artist show us what can be achieved with a little inspiration from Lesley. This beautiful tiger is by Janet Thatcher… and here is what she has to say.  –Marianne

“I have been a fan of Lesley’s since I first stumbled across her marvelous book. I can still remember how excited I was to find another artist who was as passionate about animals and loved painting them in as much detail. I visited that book store many times while saving carefully until I was able to purchase it, my first art book. Within a short amount of time I had found and bought some velour paper and dug out my pastels.

I am very grateful to Lesley for sharing her knowledge so openly and allowing even those of us that are far away to learn from her experience. Even when I had my first exhibit I made the framers read Lesley’s blog.

This painting, called “At Rest” is of one of the tigers that lives at a zoo a couple of hours drive from me. I spend a great deal of time there just soaking in the beautiful creatures and getting to know them. I even got married at the zoo!

Thank you Lesley”!

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